TAUROS was launched in Dezember 2018 with the intention of offering the ultimate in tech friendly wallets. Since then the business has gone from strength to strength and we take pride in our high standard of customer service.Do you need a smaller wallet?….. People these days are asking for wallets that are smaller which can still carry all their essentials. Most of us now predominantly use cards to make purchases rather than cash, but still like to carry a bit. The answer to this situation is a wallet that carries all your essentials, which comfortably sits in your pocket.


A particularly useful feature in a wallet is RFID blocking. This stops your cards from being scanned, a growing problem that isn’t noticed until it happens. A transaction of up to 20$ can be taken from your card, without you knowing and sometimes even more. If you travel a lot we highly recommend buying a wallet thats RFID blocking. If you need help choosing be sure to chat with one of our wallet experts. You can also view our range in person, at our store located in East Grinstead, West Sussex, UK. With a great variety of different types and colours, you are sure to find something appealing for you. Once you start using a small wallet, it impossible to go back.