Congratulations, Manu

Manu , congratulations on being accepted as a luxury brand ambassador with your Instagram account manu_knia for Austria . We are excited to work with you to build the TAUROS® brand. As a brand ambassador you will help promote our luxury wallets by wearing them, taking photos and posting stories on your social media

How does your personal cooperation work?

1. Choose your exclusive TAUROS® product

• As a TAUROS® Influencer you will receive 50% on your entire order with your personal discount code Partner698!
• Your code is now valid for 24 hours.
• If you are not satisfied with your order, you can simply return it


• If you decide to buy 2 or more Premium TAUROS®-Wallets you receive a 60% discount with your Code Promoterexcl604 because of your stronger Promotion


2. Code for your followers and free products:

• After your order you will receive your personal 15% discount code from us on Instagram for your friends & followers.
• As soon as 2 of your followers have ordered with your code, we will send you another wallet of your choice for free!

3. Reposts in front of thousands of people

• We regularly repost our cooperation partners on our official Instagram account with more than 80,000 followers.

• Once you have bought your TAUROS Wallet, you will be regularly invited to exclusive Special-Events and Campaigns. For example, our Promoters are receiving free Wallets to host a Giveaway within their community on Instagram or can be part of the designing process of new products.

Here are some great shots of our Influencers and Photographers